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We have a light tower for all your needs. Italtower lighting towers have been designed for any type of application but above all to be able to bring light to every place at any time. They are used for the following fields of use: construction sites, events and shows, industrial applications, road works and construction sites, Civil Protection, rentals. Our range is very varied, so we can find solutions for any use and with different technical characteristics that can satisfy the customer requirements.

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Astrid Gen-set Lighting Tower with Trailer

Astrid has a new design which guarantees a higher standard thanks to its quality. It is one of the most powerful towers in the category thanks to 8.5 m height and its 4x320W Multi led which cover 5000 square meters.  

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Basetower Lighting Tower (without engine)

Basetower is a versatile light tower suitable for any application and is powered by a generator or electric network. Easy to position with a maximum height of 8.5 meters, it is ideal for outdoor applications such as long-term fixed construction sites, events and concerts.

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Fenix Gen-set Lighting Tower with Trailer

The strength of this tower makes it ideal for use in areas with extreme weather conditions. Appreciated all over the world for its simplicity of use and its innumerable qualities such as compactness. A 40 feet container can be loaded with 23 units. Fenix ​​light tower is also available with a Kohler 1003 engine and 4x1000 W metal halide lamps.

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Okapi Gen-set Lighting Tower

Its 4x320W Multi led can light 5000 square meters.  A 40 feet container can be loaded with 18 units thanks to its compact size, and the operator will be able to optimize any space in the warehouse too. Okapi is a product of high quality and effectiveness.

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