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Flail Mowers

These are great for agriculture or greenspace maintenance making mulching grass, prunings and other vegetation easy. SEPPI flail mowers are tough and reliable. We are confident you won’t be disappointed.

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Dragone L Series Flail Mower

A professional Flail Mower designed for use with Compact Tractors. The unique design of the knives leaves a quality finish equivalent to a rotary mower but also allows the machine to be used in rough grass and scrubland areas. Hydraulic side shift is a popular option as it allows operation close up to hedgerows and ditches.

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Dragone MTL Flail Mower

The Dragone MTL Flail Mower is a professional machine designed for constant commercial use. It is built to the same engineering standards as the heavy-duty V series but is lighter for smaller tractors.

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