NEW Vithar L80N AR

The Vithar L80N AR are specialized tractors designed to be used in extremely tight spaces: row crops, vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and nursery gardens as well as all the maintenance work, in both summer and winter, typically done by local municipalities.

About the NEW Vithar L80N AR

Isodiametric tractors, monodirectional or reversible, with central articulation. Stage 3B engine, 75 HP
Thanks to the isodiametric wheels and steering with hydrostatic drive acting on the central articulation, the best qualities of the Vithar L80N AR are their agility and manoeuvrability.
The reversible driving position (available as optional) allows operating practically and rationally both with towed and front attachments.

Innovative technical content, elegant design and reduced overall dimensions make Vithar L80N indispensable machines for future agriculture.

Key Features

Engine cover - compact and streamlined for maximum visibility and minimum space requirements in confined spaces.

Engine - Kohler 75 HP Turbo Intercooler, with powerful maximum torque of 300 Nm @ 1500 rpm.

Clean power thanks to the EGR system combined with the DOC catalyst to reduce the emissions without the need for regeneration.

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