Basetower Lighting Tower (without engine)

Basetower is a versatile light tower suitable for any application and is powered by a generator or electric network. Easy to position with a maximum height of 8.5 meters, it is ideal for outdoor applications such as long-term fixed construction sites, events and concerts.

About the Basetower Lighting Tower (without engine)

Basetower is equipped with a 355 ° revolving hydraulic mast capable of reaching a height of 8.5 meters. Its 4 powerful 320W headlights provide 5000 m2 lighting. 21 units per container demonstrate its compact design capable of optimizing any space, making Basetower a product of high quality and efficiency.

Control panel
Basetower control panel includes a CEE plug and socket, a push-button for raising and lowering the hydraulic mast, magnetic circuit breakers for switching on and off each floodlight and a safety key to prevent unauthorized operations.

The stabilizers can be folded so as to facilitate transport when the tower is closed. The peculiar configuration of this type of stabilizers gives an optimum stabilization of the tower plus increases wind resistance up to 110 km/h

Key Features

Light coverage mq 5000 mq average 20 luxes

Lamps MultiLED

Mast Hydraulic

Floodlights 4x320 W LED

Rated frequency (Hz) 50-60

Rated voltage (VAC) 230

Operating temperature C° -25/+50

Mast rotation (°) 359

Max height (m) 8,5

Max speed wind (km/h) 110

Trailer Stationery

Canopy Power coating paint

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