Balfor Pro 22 BIG

The PRO 22BIG model vertical log splitters are new from Balfor. Combining their years of experience and customer feedback they have developed what may be the ultimate vertical log splitter.

About the Balfor Pro 22 BIG

The PRO 22BIG is sat in the middle of the PRO range, offering plenty of power for the majority of users to split even the knottiest of timber

Splitting length is 126cm on these models, the longest in this class of splitter. The length means that you can split half of a standard 2.4m cord length without needing to saw the log again.

All the PRO BIG vertical splitters are fitted with a quick-release lowering cylinder, to quickly make them more compact for transport and storage. They are all also fitted with a 2-speed valve as standard which dramatically speeds up splitting cycle times.

The hydraulic system uses large components and hoses to reduce heat buildup, for a longer-lasting and more efficient splitter.

Optional Adjustable Splitting Tables and 4 Way Knives are available

There is a 1-ton winch with the automatic unrolling device available as an option to fit the full range of splitters, to quickly pull over-sized timber to the splitter.

They are also available as a Fully road-towable version capable of traveling at 60 mph so you can get them to any job and take them on any road and weigh under 750Kg so anyone can legally tow them.

Key Features

22 Ton splitting force

Machine weight 350-490kg

Log length 123 cm

Dimensions 290X125X90

Twin speed - Variable depending on model

Log lift as standard

Metal braided hoses

Optional 1-ton winch

Optional 4-way knife

Optional adjustable table

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