XROT Pro 80

About the XROT Pro 80

XROT is a unique remote-controlled rocks, as it is hybrid and has an extremely low centre of gravity. The fact that it is hybrid means that there is less power loss and better control of the clipper. The low centre of gravity makes it stable on slopes.

The electrical transmission system ensures that there is no risk of oil leakage and therefore makes XROT perfect to use in protected areas.

The remote control is very easy to use. It requires no training to control XROT. All functions of the machine can be checked from the remote control.

XROT is designed to make maintenance and repairs easy. All components can be easily replaced by opening the cover plate.

Key Features

Engine - Kawasaki FS 481 V 4T - OHV 2 cylinders

Power - 14,5 HP/10,8 kW @ 3,600 rpm

Control system - optical contactless

Control system - "AFA" Automatic Frequency Agility

Safety - protection IP 65

Transmission - Variable-electric

Transmission - 48 Volt (ELV- safe low voltage)

Engine - variable speed 0-8 Km/h

Clutch - electro- magnetic clutch

Pto - 2500 rpm

Cutting height - 40-140 mm, electric adjustment

Mowing width - 80 cm-Swinging blades

Transmission - belt driven by EM clutch




380 kg


125x124x68 cm


compacting pressure 0,12 Kg/cm2

Control system

range of radio control 200m

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