Cormidi CMF Multi Function Skidsteers

The Cormidi CMF series has become the benchmark for machines in its class. Providing great performance, extreme reliability and also reduced fuel consumption. In fact these compact skidsteers offer the best efficiency and performance on the market.

About the Cormidi CMF Multi Function Skidsteers

CMF – CORMIDI’s Multifunction – Series
The CMF Series have amazing lifting capacity up to 1600Kg dependant on model. It’s part of a multi-function category designed to make work easier allowing you to use multiple attachments on one track base.

The list of options for this machine is immense, it can be used as a loader, dumper, concrete mixer, barrow even an access platform. Attachments can be removed quickly and safely in a matter of minutes with no need for specialist tools.

Driving and manoeuvring are very fluid and the controls are positioned to make operations easy without causing operator fatigue. The standing platform is comfortable with the advantage of having a 360° view and can be folded for transport. The super silenced hood makes the machine very quiet while adding to the look and feel. The dashboard has various functions, such as digital display, fuel level, signal indicator lights, electric start, horn, joystick control and power controller making the CMF series an unrivalled machine in our opinion.

Remote control option also available.

Key Features

One-stop maintenance - spend less time on daily maintenance checks

Easily activated float option arm

Parking brake - for safety or use in an emergency

Dashboard - all the information you need in one place

Check oil - single access point for checking the level, temperature and filling the hydraulic oil

Easy attach - just attach, check the configuration and go

All attachments come with safety bars and protections

Lifting hook - easy to transport

3 auxiliary outputs that allow the use of different tools at the same time

Anti Stall Power System (ASPS) - optimize power while running tools

Hydraulic levers can be set - making your machine more customisable to your preferences

Platform plate standing - option to close up the plate by 16 inches and walk behind the machine

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