Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 338

The Ferrari 338 has the same transmission as the 328 but has the benefit of a differential in the axle. This means that the 2 wheels are not locked together so the machine is easier to manoeuvre. Should maximum traction be required, for example when ploughing, the differential can be locked using a lever on the handlebars.

About the Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 338

All Ferrari Two Wheel Tractor models are now supplied with the Powersafe System.

With this system, the tractor can still move forward for several feet after the OPC is released due to inertia of the engine. This also means that whenever the operator moves away from t he machine, the engine must be restarted on his return.

With the Powersafe System, the standard dry clutch is replaced by a multidisc hydraulic clutch. When the OPC lever is released it releases the hydraulic clutch so the tracotr and PTO stop immediatley whilst the engine keeps running. Stopping the forward movement is up to 10 times quicker than with conventional systems and wear on recoil and electric starters is greatly reduced. The machine is also easier to operate.

Key Features

3 forward and 3 reverse speeds in two wheel tractor position

3 forward and 3 reverse speeds in motor mower position (handlebars reversed)

Forward / reverse shuttle lever

Hydraulic clutch with manual control

Differential with lock

Adjustable and reversible handlebar, mounted on shock absorbers

Motor stop safety switch and reverse gear stop to prevent reversing with PTO engaged.

Wheels 5.00-10

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