Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 560 HY WS with B&S

For those who need to work in “no-limits” conditions and on steep slopes, Ferrari introduces the new 560 HY WS PowerSafe® motor mower with hydrostatic drive and assisted hydraulically controlled steering system.

About the Ferrari Two Wheeled Tractor 560 HY WS with B&S

The 560 HY WS PowerSafe is the only hydrostatic motor mower in the world to be equipped with a patented PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch with multiple steel discs in oil bath and connected directly to the engine.

The ergonomics of the easily operated levers together with the high drive and braking capability ensure easy manoeuvrability and a total and safe control of the unit, even in the toughest conditions.

Key Features

Speed ranges: 2 ranges (slow/fast) forward and in reverse

Hydrostatic forward motion command: via a single lever or a rotating knob, motorcyclist type, with central stop position

Clutch: PowerSafe multi-disc in bath oil

Final reduction units on both wheels

Power take-off: at 990 rpm with mechanical coupling in oil bath and independent transmission control

Independent steering clutch-brake mechanisms on both wheels

Brake: automatic parking brake (Auto-hold)

Driving position with handlebars adjustable in height and sideways, mounted on silent blocks to dampen vibrations

Weight with GX390 Alps engine, 5.0-10 wheels, transmissions in oil bath and 135 cm cutter bar: 220 kg

Graph of the speeds in km/h with engine at 3600 rpm and 5.0-10 tyres

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