TP 130 MOBILE is ideal for landscaping tasks, e.g. golf course, park and cemetery maintenance

About the TP 130 MOBILE

TP 130 MOBILE is ideal for landscaping tasks, e.g. golf course, park and cemetery maintenance

TP 130 MOBILE has one hydraulic feed roller with wear steel teeth giving a strong and aggressive infeed

Two funnel versions: With a fixed funnel(standard) or a wider, tip-up funnel(optional)

The produced woodchip is 8 mm and very uniform

Covered by a 3 YEAR WARRANTY

Key Features

Hydraulic system: Integrated

Operation: Horizontal funnel with yellow safety bar for forward, return and stop of feed rollersInfeed opening, height: 130 mm

Infeed opening, width: 221 mm

Funnel opening, height (inside measure): 886 mm

Funnel opening, width (inside measure): 860 mm

Infeed position: Parallel to driving direction

Feed rollers: 1

Feed roller position: Horizontal

Feed roller diameter: 220 mm

Feed roller pretension: 1 spring 8 mm

Feed roller drive: 1 x hydraulic

Hydraulic oil capacity: 12 litres

Infeed speed (maximum): 16 m/min

Hydraulic pump: Fixed gearwheel pump

Bio-degradable hydraulic oil: Optional

Chipping principle: Disc chipper

Chipping angle: 90 degrees



Number of blades/knives: 2

Cuts per round: 2

Blade/Knive gauge - minimum: 8 mm

Blade/Knive gauge - maximum: 8 mm

Rotor speed: 1000 rpm

Rotor diameter: 660 mm

Rotor weight: 82 kg

Transmission: Belts

Anvil/counter knife - horizontal: 1 reversible (Hardox)

Anvil/counter knife - vertical: 1 (Hardox)

Replaceable tub plate: No

TP CHIP KIT: Optional

Tub plate: Yes

Drawbar make: ALKO

Height adjustable drawbar: No

Axle make: ALKO

Number of axles: 1

Max. axle load (total): 750 kg

Overrunning brake system: Yes

Tyre size: 155/80/R13

Max speed: 100 km/h

Make/Model: Kohler Pro CH 730

Power, gross: 24 hp

Engine speed: 3000 rpm

Power, gross (kW): 17 kW

Cooling type: Air

Fuel type: Gasoline

Number of cylinders: 2

Tank size: 25 litres

Fuel consumption (average): 5 l/h

Hour meter: Yes

Clutch system: Manual

Standard discharge spout: Turnable

Rotation of discharge spout: 270 degrees

Vertical extended spout 0,35m: No

Hinged discharge spout: No

Horizontal extended spout 1,0m: Optional

Horizontal extended spout 1,5m: No


Vertical extended spout 0,5m: Optional

No-stress control: TP PILOT

Displays feed roller rotations: No

Displays rotor rotations: Yes

Timer for work hours (can be reset): Yes

Timer for total work hours: Yes


Horizontal extended spout 1,0 m: For longer distance output

Vertical extended spout 0,5 m: Tube with 2 flanges

Trailer lock: Anti-theft protection

TP CHIP KIT: For uniform biomass chip quality: Sliver breakers type A with 4-fingers (max. opening = 33 x 43 mm) and cover inside upper routing house

Bio oil: Strong and bio-degradable "saturated ester" hydraulics oil

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